Dewpearl has been in the business of architectural design since 2004 and has gained its experience through a practical experimentations and experiences in landscaping, interior designing, and modeling. Through the correct use of color and structure, Dewpearl has been successful in executing prestigious and masterpiece products to clients in different parts of India. We prioritize the purity of white, the eco-friendliness of green and the vastness of blue colors into our design endeavors.

Architectural Services

"Architectural Design is the ability to transform an ordinary space into a beautiful, well-designed functional environment "
A team of highly qualified professional designers and architects help us maintain the rhythm of the architectural services we offer, and this has helped us to manage project of all genres and scales ranging from single-family residences to Township designs and developments. We commit ourselves to craft out ' in for the long haul ' environments with character that surmounts the expectations and values of each client we come across. We follow a strict balance of ideas, insights, knowledge, coordination and administration with an equal amount of functional, technologic, economic, environmental factors. Our services include;

  • Client ideas and site visits
  • Facilities planning
  • Specification sketches and drawings
  • Conceptual design studies
  • Schematic-design and Design development
  • Approval documentation
  • Bid documents and assistance
  • Detailed construction documents
  • Periodic site supervision
  • Ensuring 100% satisfied and within budget product
  • Interior Design services

    Interior design is more than just aesthetics. It is the compilation of functional, safe, economical design solutions that are a step more attractive, delivering the creative needs of the people using it. It is an indispensible part of any architectural project and is said to be the conversion of a client's aspirations and dreams into reality. Dewpearl also provides on-budget exclusive interior design consultations and services prepared after a systematic study and coordination of ideas on the respective projects. We are always keen to follow smart solutions and up-to-date trends in the industry to deliver a practically functional environment to clients. Our services include;

  • Space planning
  • Creative concept planning
  • Design development
  • Fabric and finishes selection
  • Artwork selection
  • Approval documentation
  • Custom-made and modular material sourcing
  • Engineering - Structural & MEP

    Our engineering designs are intended to create a more efficient, friendlier, and economically beneficial planning of structural, mechanical, electrical and plumping designs of architecture or building with the support of the best and latest software (STAAD Pro). Our team offers the clients with best and resourceful design structures that are contemplated in creating innovative and creative plans to suit any site conditions and coordinates them throughout the execution and implementation. Our MEP engineering team undertakes careful engineering studies of the site and designs the best and competent operational structures resulting in a cost-effective and satisfactory end product meeting the client's expectations. Our services include;

  • Detailed design and modeling
  • Energy analysis
  • Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation Systems Design
  • Alternative Energy Systems Design
  • Electrical (High Side and Low Side), UPS
  • Plumbing Systems Design
  • Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems Design
  • Security Systems Design
  • Building Management Systems
  • Planning and Urban design

    With an experience of handling both private and public sector clients in managing and planning urban designs, DewPearl has proved its excellence in creating and developing more livable and economically effective large-area plans including industrial parks. We have been successful in delivering logical schema for planning and development. We consider urban design as a technical and political coordination of land, design, environment, air, water and other infrastructure. Our team conceives the pulse of the city and environment and reproduces better and stable systems with an eye to future in mind. Our planning and urban design services include;

  • Site selection studies and evaluation
  • Project feasibility analysis
  • Strategic planning and coordination
  • Land use and zoning analysis
  • Master planning and design based on Design guidelines and development standards
  • Facility layout planning
  • Construction Management

    Construction management is a core area where DewPearl outshines in the industry. We offer start-to-end preconstruction and post construction services and supports. Our team also engages in all kinds of construction services with a professional touch and talent to offer fully resourceful project delivery that set trending standards to time, cost, quality, and value maintaining and monitoring the construction management, design patterns and quality standards. Our expertise in construction management includes international exposure, innovative technology and repeatable solutions becoming a point of responsibility to consolidate liability and avoid engineering conflicts, tackling with the budgeting, controlling and scheduling of the project. Our construction management services include;

  • Pre-Qualification of contractors and bidding
  • Bid evaluation/negotiation/award of work
  • Scheduling, controlling and budgeting
  • Sustainable Design

    Dewpearl is known for its use of innovative and sustainable architectural design concepts since its establishment. We provide measures for the effective use of water, energy, environment and other resources with future in mind. We have self-developed and adapted methodologies to reduce consumption of power and keeping the environment clean and undisturbed. We consider ourselves responsible for the use of water resource management, renewable energy, sustainable power, efficient management of energy and environment in our projects. We commit to a multi-faceted nature preserving practice of using and promoting natural, eco-friendly and sustainable designs, thus making it extremely pleasant for the people to live. Our sustainable designs services include;

  • Thermal energy storage system
  • Day lighting
  • Water conservation
  • External cladding systems